Undergraduate Advising

Due to the Covid-campus closure all advising during the Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 quarters is being done remotely - via phone, email, or Zoom appointment.  Please feel free to call, email us or schedule a Zoom meeting via the links below.

Please note the following upcoming adjustments to our schedule:

  • The schedule below is effective 9/17/21 through 12/2/21
  • Please note the following holiday closures during Fall quarter: November 24-26, December 23rd through January 2nd.


Office Hours - Fall Quarter 2021 (Phone and Email ONLY):

Mondays: 8:00 am to Noon

Tuesdays: Noon to 6:00 pm

Wednesdays: 8:00 am to Noon

Thursdays: 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Fridays: Email only


 To schedule an appointment via Zoom, please use the links below:

Monday mornings: Make an appointment with Danielle - https://shoreline.ucsb.edu/meetings/1337493/MTRPOLSAdvising

Tuesday afternoons: Make an appointment with Danielle - https://shoreline.ucsb.edu/meetings/1337493/MTRPOLSAdvising

Wednesday afternoons: Make an appointment with Devin - https://shoreline.ucsb.edu/meetings/1201671/WPOLSAdvising

Thursday mornings: Make an appointment with Abigail - https://shoreline.ucsb.edu/meetings/1803878/%26quot%3b15%26quot%3b

Thursday afternoons: Make an appointment with Danielle - https://shoreline.ucsb.edu/meetings/1337493/MTRPOLSAdvising


Please note:  We have almost 1300 POLS majors and pre-majors, and limited Zoom appointment availability.   IF you schedule a Zoom meeting, and find that you either cannot make the meeting, or no longer need the advising - PLEASE cancel the meeting ASAP.  Doing so allows another student an opportunity to schedule a meeting.



Have advising questions?   Try using Nectir for a quick response.

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  2. Use your ucsb.edu email to sign up
  3. Start chatting! Ask and answer each others' questions, share events, and get support from fellow students and advisors


If you have advising questions, please email us at advising@polsci.ucsb.edu.

We typically respond within the same business day (excluding weekends, holidays and academic breaks).

Advising Office
3838 Ellison Hall


Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Alison G. Keleher, Ph.D.
By appointment only (please contact the Advising Office to schedule an appointment)


Meet the Advisors

Abigail Boaitey

Devin Anderson

Juan Munoz

Abigail is a fourth-year Political Science and History double-major. She is on the A.S. executive boards for The Student Commission on Racial Equity and The Black Women's Health Collaborative. She is a member of Phi Alpha Delta, the professional law fraternity on campus. After graduating, Abigail hopes to spend a year working in an underserved community before going to school for her PsyD in Clinical Psychology.

Devin is a third-year Political Science major with an interest in international relations and human rights. He intends on pursuing an International Relations graduate degree to explore career opportunities in diplomacy, specifically tackling the challenges of refugee resettlement. In his free time, Devin frequently spends quality time in nature and puts his green-thumb to work. After graduating, he plans on traveling abroad to explore and visit universities.

Juan is a fourth-year Political Science major with an interest in criminal law and securities regulation. He is a resident assistant on campus and he is an active member of UCSB’s Associated Students, currently serving in his third term as Solicitor General within the A.S. Office of the Attorney General. He plans to attend law school after graduating from UCSB and hopes to one day work as a Federal Prosecutor or as private counsel to publicly traded companies facilitating cryptocurrency transactions on a scalable level. In his free time, Juan enjoys running, cooking, and practicing mixed martial arts.