Graduate Program


The Department of Political Science offers flexible programs of graduate study leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree. Our aim is to provide the highest quality graduate training for students who go on to academic teaching and research positions, and to non-academic careers in the public and private sectors.

Our graduate students benefit from an active, engaged faculty, extensive methodological training, a departmental focus on inter-disciplinary approaches, and close work with a faculty mentor via our apprenticeship model of faculty-student relationships. Graduate students are involved in all areas of faculty research.


Graduate Student Department Resources 

In addition to each student's advisor, two helpful resources are the Faculty Graduate Program Advisor, Professor Amit Ahuja, and the Staff Graduate Program Advisor, Kathryn Ficke.

Professor Benjamin J. Cohen serves as the Placement Advisor for graduate students.  His role is to provide guidance to students who are looking for both academic and non-academic jobs.  As students enter the job market, Professor Cohen will help guide students in searching for appropriate jobs and strategies for getting them.  He will also advise on cover letters, CVs, and job talks.

We understand, now more than ever, that students encounter a variety of challenges during their graduate study. In particular, we know that financial issues affect students from time to time, and we have created an emergency loan program that our Political Science graduate students can apply for. Please download the Graduate Student Emergency Fund Application if you are experiencing a financial crisis, and return your application to Kathryn Ficke.

TA Resources

Teaching Assistant Handbook 2020/21

Childcare Reimbursement
Graduate students who are serving as teaching assistants (at 25% or more time) are eligible to participate in a child care reimbursement program. The program allows eligible teaching assistants to receive up to $900 per quarter towards childcare expenses for non-school age dependents.

To receive the reimbursement, TAs must fill out the child care reimbursement form and turn it in, along with childcare receipts, to Kathyrn Ficke. For more information, see the program factsheet.

For information on the UAW you can visit their website, or contact the PSGSA union rep.



Graduate Student Campus Resources

During this turbulent time of COVID-19, it is more important than ever for our institution to keep our students and local community supported and informed of the resources that are available. Please browse through the resources provided below and feel free to reach out to Kathryn Ficke if you need any help being connected to resources at any time.

Resources available in light of COVID-19

Housing Resources

Financial Crisis Response Team

2020-21 Graduate Student Resource Packet: Includes information on academic support, health and wellness, community, financial support, food, and many other resources available to graduate students.

Career and Professional Development
The Graduate Division wants to provide all graduate students wtih the resources to be successful in securing a satisfying and rewarding career. There are several online resources available through the Career & Professional Development section of their website.

American Political Science Association Resources

In addition, to listing available academic positions, APSA provides resources for individuals who are on or preparing to be on the job market. To see more, visit the APSA website. Resouces include: mentoring opportunities, questions to be prepared to answer as a job candidate, and other career resources.

Alumni and current students are invited to connect with one another through the MA/PhD LinkedIn group.