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Past-Editions Archive

The Department of Political Science published an annual newsletter from 2000 until 2015. The archive of newsletters can be found on this page.

Spring 2000

  • Students Travel and Learn at the UCDC Program
  • Benjamin J. Cohen Explores the Geography of Money
  • Bruce Bimber Wins 1998-1999 Distinguished Teaching Award
  • Kathleen Bruhn Brings Research on Mexican Politics to the Classroom
  • Marilyn Lee Endows Larry Adams Internship Award

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2001

  • Students Learn and Demonstrate Research Skills in Honors Program
  • Editorship Recognizes Dana Villa’s Research
  • John Woolley Explores the American Presidency
  • Laurie Freeman Sheds Light on Japanese Media
  • Two Political Science Alumns Return to Campus – Cynthia Carpenter and Kirk Boyd

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2002

  • Students Experience the Real World of Congress in SimCong
  • Political Forgiveness: A Timely Topic Explored in Professor Digeser’s New Book
  • Students Gain Experience and Provide Service in Local Government Internships
  • Professor Emeritus Fukui Assumes Presidency of Hiroshima Peace Institute

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2003

  • Mastering Methodology Challenges and Rewards Students
  • The “Protest Generation” Remains Politically Active
  • Faculty Research Profiles:
    Jim Adams – Shifting Political Party Ideologies;
    Aaron Belkin – Gays in the U.S. Military: A Question of Public Policy;
    Kathleen Bruhn – Political Parties and Social Movements in Mexico and Brazil;
    Benjamin Jerry Cohen – The Future of Money;
    Rose McDermott – Effects of Illness on Foreign Policy Decision-Making;
    Christopher Parker – Veterans, Citizenship, and Voting Rights;
    and Dan Villa – New Explorations of the Meaning of Citizenship

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2004

  • Transitioning to the Real World – Michael Hall, Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, Thomas Lum, Laura Dodge, Jeffrey Chwieroth, Gigi Gokcek, Tom Knecht, Diane Johnson, Bonnie Field, and Chris Cook
  • Fast Facts about the Department, 2004
  • New Emeriti: Two Valued Professors Retire – Alan Liu and Michael Gordon
  • The Politics of Testing
  • Marguerite Bouraad-Nash Wins Alumni Teaching Award
  • In Memoriam: Gorden E. Baker (1923-2004)

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2005

  • Outside Speakers Enrich Intellectual Life of the Department: Regents’ Lecturer, Dr. Carlos Mateo Balmelli, Provides Insight into Latin American Democracies; Norwegian Ambassador, His Excellency Knut Vollebaek, Discusses World Challenges; and International Relations Specialist, Kenneth Waltz
  • Post-Election Roundtable: Analysis and Expectations

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2006

  • What Can You Do With a Political Science Degree?
    Kevin McClatchy ’86: CEO and Managing General Partner, Pittsburgh
    Brenda Zomalt (Doby) Flewellyn ’74: Banker to the Entertainment
    Gloria Castillo ’80: Marketing Executive Heads Chicago United
    Mark Macarro ’87: Tribal Chairman, Pechanga Band, Luiseño Indians
    Andrea Margolis ’88: Public Health Advocate for Children
    Brett Bullington ’76: Internet Entrepreneur
    Michael Sjerven ’91: Restauranteur
  • Legislator Hannah-Beth Jackson Brings Real-World Experience to Classroom
  • Bimber’s Research Analyzes Effects of Technology on Society

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2007

  • Political Science and the Profession of Law
    Ronald H. Clark, Ph.D. ’70: The professor who became a lawyer
    David Gray Carlson ’74: The lawyer who became a professor
    Kathryn Fritz ’81: Intellectual property litigator and managing partner
    Douglas R. Irminger ’77: Public defender
    Sara Nelson Bloom ’80: A legal career in the financial world
    Gayle Binion return to teaching and research
    Judge Lodge reflects on political science and the law
  • Political Communication: A New Focus for the Department
    CNN’s Jeff Greenfield Shares Keen Political Analysis
    Cory Azumbrado Charles, MA ’88: Senior Director, CNN International
  • Former Japanese Diplomat, the Honorable Kazuhiko Togo, is New Policymaker in Residence

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2008

  • Alumnus Establishes Endowed Chair in International Security Studies
  • Political Science and Politics
    Yier Shi ’97: From Republican Campaign Strategist to Public Relations
    Jennifer Crider ’95: Communication Director for the Democratic
    Congressional Campaign
  • T-shirts and Globalization: A Campus-Community Forum
  • New Faculty Books:
    Urban Protest in Mexico and Brazil (Kathleen Bruhn),
    International Political Economy: An Intellectual History (Benjamin Jerry
    Presidential Leadership, Illness, and Decision-Making (Rose
  • Milestones: Al Wyner to Retire in June; Joseph Lodge, 1932-2008: Association with UCSB Spanned Forty Years; Larry Adams, 1936-2007: Inspired the Adams Scholarship in Public Policy

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2009

  • Politics of Identity: A Research Focus with Diverse Dimensions
    The Gender and Multicultural Leadership Project (Pei-te Lien)
    The Politics of South Asia and Identity (Amit Ahuja)
  • Careers in Politics - Coleen Yamamura Clark ’06: Implementing Education Policy at Ground Level
  • Lorraine McDonnell Reflects on her Presidential Year (American Educational Research Association)
  • Benjamin Cohen Selected as Commencement Speaker
  • Emeriti Notes: Liu Pursues New Career as an Artist; Stanley V. Anderson, 1928-2009

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2010

  • The First Honors Seminar
  • Careers in Political Science: Steve Boilard ’84, Ph.D. ’92: Analyst for California’s higher education issues; Kristen Zimmer Deshler ’87: UCSB’s interface with government and the community
  • The Politics of Public Policy and Environmental Politics: Cross Disciplinary Research on Current Problems
  • Emeriti Notes: Gayle Binion is Newest Emeritus Faculty Member; Updates: Roger Davidson, Michael Gordon, Tom Schrock

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2011

  • Public Presentations: New Challenges for Honors Students
  • Careers in Political Science: Administration
    Barbara Morris: A Career in Academic Administration
    Brian Mayhew: A Career in Finance
  • Dissertation Research Takes Students to Distant Lands
    Stuart Gray: Comparing Ancient Greek and Indian Political Thought
    Karen Pitakdumrongkit: A Multinational Case Study of the Negotiation
  • Faculty Books: Benjamin Jerry Cohen – The Future of Global Currency: The Euro versus the Dollar

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2012

  • Senior Combines Honors Thesis with Rural Development Project
  • Careers in Political Science - Gordon Murchie '56: From Foreign Service Officer to Wine Industry Executive
  • Bruce Bimber's New Book: Collective Action in Organizations
  • Merkl Chronicles Changes in Small Town and Village Scene in Germany
  • International Relations Scholar Joins Political Science Faculty: Neil Narang
  • Emeriti Notes: Roger Davidson, Haru Fukui, Alan Liu, and Al Wyner
  • Stuart Gray Receives Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for 2011-12
  • In Memoriam: Anton Vonk, MA '05

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2014

  • The Future of the Department: Focus on the Politics of Identity and Environmental Politics
  • Undergraduate Advising
  • Class of 2013 Alumni Participating in Prestigious Fellowships: Danielle Pietro (Coro Fellowship) and Ross Zelen (California Capital Fellowship)
  • Department Celebrations
    Faculty Accomplishments: Bruce Bimber, Benjamin Jerry Cohen,
    Heather Stoll, M. Stephen Weatherford
    Alumni Accomplishments: Jeffrey Chwieroth (Ph.D., 2003),
    Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar (Ph.D., 1984); and Noelle Norton
    (Ph.D., 1994)
  • Faculty Research Highlights: Garrett Glasgow, Neil Narang, Bruce Bimber
  • 2012-2013 Department Award Winners

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2015

  • The Larry Adams Scholarship: Celebrating 15 Years of Vision, Ideas, and Practicality
  • Steve Wiener’s Retirement
  • Melissa Immel’s (BA 2015) Internship with First Lady Michelle Obama
  • In Memoriam: Dean E. Mann (1927-2014) and Alan J. Wyner (1941-2014)
  • UCSB MUN Team wins Outstanding Delegation for second year in a row
  • New Faculty: Bridget Coggins
  • Alumni Updates: Tom Garrison (M.A. 1980), Allison Anderson Heiduk (B.A. 1990), Lindsey Harrison Lupo (B.A. 1993), Sameer Pandey (B.A. 2014), William Statler (B.A. 1973)
  • Faculty Accomplishments: Bruce Bimber, Benjamin Jerry Cohen, M. Kent Jennings, Lorraine McDonnell, and Andrew Norris

Newsletter (PDF)