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Congratulations to the Manzer - Wesson winners 

Congratulations to our Political Science winners

Congratulations to Dr. Martinez-Alvarez for winning the Paul A. Sabatier Best Conference Paper...

The Department of Political Science would like to congratulate Tara ...

Many congratulations to Department Chair and Professor Kate Bruhn for her newest book, Politics and the Pink Tide - A Comparative Analysis of Protest in Latin America. 

We are incredibly proud to have Kate as a member of our faculty and commend her for this incredible contribution to the field of Comparative Politics! 

Congratulations Ariana 

Congratulations to the Reg Robinson winners 

congratulations to the Robert Casier winners 

Political Science Newsletter

Past-Editions Archive

The Department of Political Science published an annual newsletter from 2000 until 2015. The archive of newsletters can be found on this page.

Spring 2000

  • Students Travel and Learn at the UCDC Program
  • Benjamin J. Cohen Explores the Geography of Money
  • Bruce Bimber Wins 1998-1999 Distinguished Teaching Award
  • Kathleen Bruhn Brings Research on Mexican Politics to the Classroom
  • Marilyn Lee Endows Larry Adams Internship Award

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2001

  • Students Learn and Demonstrate Research Skills in Honors Program
  • Editorship Recognizes Dana Villa’s Research
  • John Woolley Explores the American Presidency
  • Laurie Freeman Sheds Light on Japanese Media
  • Two Political Science Alumns Return to Campus – Cynthia Carpenter and Kirk Boyd

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2002

  • Students Experience the Real World of Congress in SimCong
  • Political Forgiveness: A Timely Topic Explored in Professor Digeser’s New Book
  • Students Gain Experience and Provide Service in Local Government Internships
  • Professor Emeritus Fukui Assumes Presidency of Hiroshima Peace Institute

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2003

  • Mastering Methodology Challenges and Rewards Students
  • The “Protest Generation” Remains Politically Active
  • Faculty Research Profiles:
    Jim Adams – Shifting Political Party Ideologies;
    Aaron Belkin – Gays in the U.S. Military: A Question of Public Policy;
    Kathleen Bruhn – Political Parties and Social Movements in Mexico and Brazil;
    Benjamin Jerry Cohen – The Future of Money;
    Rose McDermott – Effects of Illness on Foreign Policy Decision-Making;
    Christopher Parker – Veterans, Citizenship, and Voting Rights;
    and Dan Villa – New Explorations of the Meaning of Citizenship

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2004

  • Transitioning to the Real World – Michael Hall, Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, Thomas Lum, Laura Dodge, Jeffrey Chwieroth, Gigi Gokcek, Tom Knecht, Diane Johnson, Bonnie Field, and Chris Cook
  • Fast Facts about the Department, 2004
  • New Emeriti: Two Valued Professors Retire – Alan Liu and Michael Gordon
  • The Politics of Testing
  • Marguerite Bouraad-Nash Wins Alumni Teaching Award
  • In Memoriam: Gorden E. Baker (1923-2004)

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2005

  • Outside Speakers Enrich Intellectual Life of the Department: Regents’ Lecturer, Dr. Carlos Mateo Balmelli, Provides Insight into Latin American Democracies; Norwegian Ambassador, His Excellency Knut Vollebaek, Discusses World Challenges; and International Relations Specialist, Kenneth Waltz
  • Post-Election Roundtable: Analysis and Expectations

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2006

  • What Can You Do With a Political Science Degree?
    Kevin McClatchy ’86: CEO and Managing General Partner, Pittsburgh
    Brenda Zomalt (Doby) Flewellyn ’74: Banker to the Entertainment
    Gloria Castillo ’80: Marketing Executive Heads Chicago United
    Mark Macarro ’87: Tribal Chairman, Pechanga Band, Luiseño Indians
    Andrea Margolis ’88: Public Health Advocate for Children
    Brett Bullington ’76: Internet Entrepreneur
    Michael Sjerven ’91: Restauranteur
  • Legislator Hannah-Beth Jackson Brings Real-World Experience to Classroom
  • Bimber’s Research Analyzes Effects of Technology on Society

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2007

  • Political Science and the Profession of Law
    Ronald H. Clark, Ph.D. ’70: The professor who became a lawyer
    David Gray Carlson ’74: The lawyer who became a professor
    Kathryn Fritz ’81: Intellectual property litigator and managing partner
    Douglas R. Irminger ’77: Public defender
    Sara Nelson Bloom ’80: A legal career in the financial world
    Gayle Binion return to teaching and research
    Judge Lodge reflects on political science and the law
  • Political Communication: A New Focus for the Department
    CNN’s Jeff Greenfield Shares Keen Political Analysis
    Cory Azumbrado Charles, MA ’88: Senior Director, CNN International
  • Former Japanese Diplomat, the Honorable Kazuhiko Togo, is New Policymaker in Residence

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2008

  • Alumnus Establishes Endowed Chair in International Security Studies
  • Political Science and Politics
    Yier Shi ’97: From Republican Campaign Strategist to Public Relations
    Jennifer Crider ’95: Communication Director for the Democratic
    Congressional Campaign
  • T-shirts and Globalization: A Campus-Community Forum
  • New Faculty Books:
    Urban Protest in Mexico and Brazil (Kathleen Bruhn),
    International Political Economy: An Intellectual History (Benjamin Jerry
    Presidential Leadership, Illness, and Decision-Making (Rose
  • Milestones: Al Wyner to Retire in June; Joseph Lodge, 1932-2008: Association with UCSB Spanned Forty Years; Larry Adams, 1936-2007: Inspired the Adams Scholarship in Public Policy

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2009

  • Politics of Identity: A Research Focus with Diverse Dimensions
    The Gender and Multicultural Leadership Project (Pei-te Lien)
    The Politics of South Asia and Identity (Amit Ahuja)
  • Careers in Politics - Coleen Yamamura Clark ’06: Implementing Education Policy at Ground Level
  • Lorraine McDonnell Reflects on her Presidential Year (American Educational Research Association)
  • Benjamin Cohen Selected as Commencement Speaker
  • Emeriti Notes: Liu Pursues New Career as an Artist; Stanley V. Anderson, 1928-2009

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2010

  • The First Honors Seminar
  • Careers in Political Science: Steve Boilard ’84, Ph.D. ’92: Analyst for California’s higher education issues; Kristen Zimmer Deshler ’87: UCSB’s interface with government and the community
  • The Politics of Public Policy and Environmental Politics: Cross Disciplinary Research on Current Problems
  • Emeriti Notes: Gayle Binion is Newest Emeritus Faculty Member; Updates: Roger Davidson, Michael Gordon, Tom Schrock

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2011

  • Public Presentations: New Challenges for Honors Students
  • Careers in Political Science: Administration
    Barbara Morris: A Career in Academic Administration
    Brian Mayhew: A Career in Finance
  • Dissertation Research Takes Students to Distant Lands
    Stuart Gray: Comparing Ancient Greek and Indian Political Thought
    Karen Pitakdumrongkit: A Multinational Case Study of the Negotiation
  • Faculty Books: Benjamin Jerry Cohen – The Future of Global Currency: The Euro versus the Dollar

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2012

  • Senior Combines Honors Thesis with Rural Development Project
  • Careers in Political Science - Gordon Murchie '56: From Foreign Service Officer to Wine Industry Executive
  • Bruce Bimber's New Book: Collective Action in Organizations
  • Merkl Chronicles Changes in Small Town and Village Scene in Germany
  • International Relations Scholar Joins Political Science Faculty: Neil Narang
  • Emeriti Notes: Roger Davidson, Haru Fukui, Alan Liu, and Al Wyner
  • Stuart Gray Receives Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for 2011-12
  • In Memoriam: Anton Vonk, MA '05

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2014

  • The Future of the Department: Focus on the Politics of Identity and Environmental Politics
  • Undergraduate Advising
  • Class of 2013 Alumni Participating in Prestigious Fellowships: Danielle Pietro (Coro Fellowship) and Ross Zelen (California Capital Fellowship)
  • Department Celebrations
    Faculty Accomplishments: Bruce Bimber, Benjamin Jerry Cohen,
    Heather Stoll, M. Stephen Weatherford
    Alumni Accomplishments: Jeffrey Chwieroth (Ph.D., 2003),
    Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar (Ph.D., 1984); and Noelle Norton
    (Ph.D., 1994)
  • Faculty Research Highlights: Garrett Glasgow, Neil Narang, Bruce Bimber
  • 2012-2013 Department Award Winners

Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2015

  • The Larry Adams Scholarship: Celebrating 15 Years of Vision, Ideas, and Practicality
  • Steve Wiener’s Retirement
  • Melissa Immel’s (BA 2015) Internship with First Lady Michelle Obama
  • In Memoriam: Dean E. Mann (1927-2014) and Alan J. Wyner (1941-2014)
  • UCSB MUN Team wins Outstanding Delegation for second year in a row
  • New Faculty: Bridget Coggins
  • Alumni Updates: Tom Garrison (M.A. 1980), Allison Anderson Heiduk (B.A. 1990), Lindsey Harrison Lupo (B.A. 1993), Sameer Pandey (B.A. 2014), William Statler (B.A. 1973)
  • Faculty Accomplishments: Bruce Bimber, Benjamin Jerry Cohen, M. Kent Jennings, Lorraine McDonnell, and Andrew Norris

Newsletter (PDF)