Professor Neil Narang Awarded for his Work on Women and Politics

Award Recipient: 

Professor Neil Narang

Award Date: 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Professor Narang's research earned honorable mention among an esteemed group of researchers. He examined the impact of female-ratio balancing on UN peacebuilding/peacekeeping missions (an effort to ensure that women are represented in equal number as men on UN peacekeeping personnel) on various conflict related outcomes, including the durability of post-conflict peace, reporting of war-time sexual violence and subsequent  representation of women in post-conflict institutions.

Using newly complied data, Dr. Narang documented variation in the level of female participation across peacekeeping units in conflict areas over time. He then showed that a greater proportion of female military personnel on peacekeeping missions is systematically associated with (1) higher rates of reporting of sexual violence by victims in conflict areas and (2) greater implementation of women’s rights provisions from comprehensive peace agreements in subsequent political institutions - all while exhibiting (3) no significant loss in peacekeeping effectiveness as measured by the durability of peace over time.

Dr. Narang has presented his research at think tanks around Washington D.C., and has briefed UN officials on the finding. Upon publication, the paper is hoped to effectively promote gender/sex diversity on UN missions in conflict areas.

Congratulations Professor Narang!