Guest Speaker Series: Professor Emily Ritter, UC Merced

Event Date: 

Thursday, April 26, 2018 - 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Event Date Details: 

Lunch will be provided.

Professor Emily Ritter of UC Merced will join us in April as part of our 2017-18 Guest Speaker Series.

Emily Ritter's research examines the behavior of state authorities attempting to retain power under domestic opposition and the ways that international incentives alter the conflict between said authorities and those domestic actors who seek to alter the status quo. She specifically explores how international and domestic legal institutions such as human rights treaties, international criminal courts and tribunals, and domestic courts can constrain the state from repressing citizens while potential dissidents threaten leaders’ control of power. Her work thus provides insight as to when and how states will cooperate with international institutions, how international institutions impact outcomes through domestic institutions, and the onset and process of domestic conflict. Professor Ritter has a BA in International Relations from Webster University in St. Louis and an MA and PD in Political Science from Emory University.

More details regarding Professor Ritter's talk will be posted soon.