Billionaires and Stealth Politics

Event Date: 

Friday, November 18, 2016 - 1:00pm

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  • 4041 HSSB

Page, who studies the political attitudes and behavior of the 1%, is the author of Class War? What Americans Really Think about Economic Inequality (2009) and many other books on U.S. public opinion and political development. A copy of his famous and controversal article, "Oligarchy in the United States?" can be found here

A copy of another article, "Democracy and the Policy Preferences of Wealthy Americans" can be found /here

A light lunch will be served.

In addition, many of you will be interested in Nelson Lichtenstein's "Twenty-First Century 'Populism:' Not for the Unions and a Good Thing Too."

Published in the midst of the recent campaign, it can be found here

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