The Economist cites research by Professor Amit Ahuja and co-author Susan Ostermann.

Excerpt from The Economist:  "The triumph of love"

"India remains a highly traditional society. Marriage is much more about binding families, and much less about personal choice and fulfillment, than in most other parts of the world. Arranged marriages are so much the norm that people who find their own partners sometimes seek to disguise the fact. Among Hindus, caste barriers appear insurmountable.

"But change is afoot, especially in the crowded, sprawling cities where a growing proportion of Indians live. Astonishingly quickly, India’s most important social institution is being reshaped. Traditionalists loathe these changes; Westernised elites celebrate them. But even they underestimate the transformation...."

"Caste is weakening more than appearances suggest. Amit Ahuja, a political scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has tested it...." (read full article here)